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Quality questionable content for those with a unique taste! The world is too serious and broken to need anymore portraits of Justin Bieber. No one wants that kind of negativity in their life. What you will find is a twisted cartoon soaked in off color humor. Weirdness is abound and normal here so feel free to let loose the strings pulling on you and enjoy what really lives inside. Long as fun is had we all win. All art will be available for print or purchase. Comission work is also available if you need something special created for whatever reason you have. I don't judge. I sometimes also do requests so don't be afraid to ask. The worse thing that can happen is aliens abduct you and use you for experiments.


say what now?

I do art for you! Be it a T-shirt design, an illustration you need for a project, or a drawing of your bad ass D&D character. I also dabble in web design and animation